Friday, June 29, 2012

The bay is calling, but not too loud.

I've been called back to the sea and have been trading things and attempting to upgrade my boat situation to a more respectful level. I'm up to a 24' Islander with the outermost slip in the Sausalito Yacht Harbor. The slip is a tricky fit, so I don't take the boat out much, but the view is great, especially at high tide. Below is an example of the type of view I have at this side tie end of the dock slip.
The wind is howling today and the mast in the harbor sound like a valley of metal trees whistling out of tune. I have always wanted to put up a live cam on the top of a mast on a boat and this is an ideal location for such a setup. In the meantime I am going to take still shots when I visit the boat and post them on this blog as a sort of weather update for the Richardson Bay residents who are considering heading out to see what is up.